Living in Austria!

Born in Vienna 1953


After school, I learned the profession of confectioner!

Very soon, however, I was drawn out of the city into the countryside.

I studied nature and at the same time learned astrology from it.

I started organic farming and crafting in wood that soon turned into sculptures.

In 1986, a recognized Austrian  Radiästhesist explained to me,

that my art-work, specially the wooden sculptures, radiates healing energy, and he also show me this on his gauge.

After this moment, I started to learn more about Healing.

It was a good addition to my astrological work.

Since this time, Meditation,Astrology and Spiritual Healing have been very present in my life.

In 1989/90 I was artistic assistant to the great Viennese sculptor -

Josef Pillhofer.

In the year 1999, after a long training period of healing, I experienced a very intense meditation to Pentecost and got the visual and energetic inspiration for the Golden Sun.

Since that time designing the golden suns in different kind of art is my main work and also healing sessions with people. 


Magazin - "Art Tour International"

Summer Issue 2018

New York / USA

print and digital

Catalog - "Kunstsalon-Freiburg 2017

10.-12.November 2017

Tuniberghaus Tiengen - Freiburg/D

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Catalog - "World Art Dubai 2017

12.-15.April 2017

World Trade Center Dubai /UAE

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Catalog - ADAF 2019

11.-13.November 2019


World Fashion Center

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Catalog - Nationale Kunstdagen 2019

8.-10.Dezember 2019



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On the occasion of the "World Art Dubai", Ästhetikika magazine is putting a GOLDEN SUN on the front page.

Aesthetica Magazin 2017

Catalog - Neue Art Dresden 

10.-12. Jänner 2020

Dresden /D


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