The SUN not only the center of our solar system,

but also in the center of artistic creation by Raphael.


In all ancient cultures there was the Sun

of central importance.

Especially in the Egyptian civilization

and by the Inkas in South America,

they knew about the spiritual power of the Sun

and about the energetic light body of the human.

Unfortunately this has been increasingly forgotten

in today's world.

Because the majority of people

believe only on the material world

and the physical body.

This, of course, poses numerous problems.

In the year 1999,

the Artist Raphael

received the visual and energetic inspiration

for the GOLDEN SUNS 

in a deep meditation.

The essence of the GOLDEN SUNS

is the higher vibrating energy

that does not come from the personality.

This energy of the GOLDEN SUNS

primarily affects the etheric body

of the human being.

The artistic work of Raphael,

is a "reminder impulse"

of the inner light in human being.